The idea behind this web site is to share my enjoyment of shooting and collecting with others.

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Windsor Enfield - 2nd Model 1856 Dated Tower Enfield - 2nd Model

I have not been collecting or shooting for long and some of this site is a sharing of some of the things I have learned. Effectively these are my notes on the subject of Enfield P53s, P56s, P58s,P57's P59,P60 and P61s, transitional rifles as well as the later Enfield Snider rifle. I make no apologies if some of the information seems a little basic, but when you are starting out collecting and shooting it can be difficult getting the information you are looking for. This web site in part is an attempt to help people new to collecting / shooting as well as of interest to some of the 'old hats'.

I have a particular interest in Enfield Pattern 1853 (Also known as Enfield P53's) and its developments through Mk I, II, II and IV and the various locations where this pattern of rifle was made (Birmingham, London, Liege, France, Vermont - USA and Nepal to name a few), but felt that I should also include Snider's as I have a couple - and they were an important progression in the history of a gun that served the British Empire for over 30 years...and I'm told, that when the Russians were in Afghanistan in the 1980's  they were still being fired upon by these weapons. I have tracked down an interesting article written in 1962 that looks at 'locally manufactured' arms in Pakistan / Afghanistan on a site called Arms Collectors.

It is worth noting that I have managed to gather a reasonable amount of information on Enfield transitional rifles and as far as I can gather this section of the site is unique on the internet.

Please feel free to email me with any comments - I don't pretend to know it all and believe the best way of learning is by sharing information in an open and straight forward way....A friend of mine reminded me that 'The study of the Enfield Rifle is a life long apprenticeship'  - he wasn't kidding, this web site started out being a collection of short notes...and has grown somewhat and now numbers some 300 pages with details of, for example, the causes of tumbling bullets, Barrel Blacking, Ramrod Keepers, Markings and of course in-depth details of Enfield and Snider Rifles. In a number of cases I have provided complete details of all the markings and stamps to show all the information that can be gained from seemingly obscure stamps - for example the Enfield P53 rifle Mk2.

Many of the photos on this site are my own and all diagrams are drawn by me  - I have tried to avoid infringing any copyright and would be grateful if you could contact me if you wish to use any of the photographs. Where the photos have not been taken by me I have asked the owners permission to use the images and credited them where appropriate.

With regard to buying an antique Enfield rifle I have put together a page which may be of help to anyone starting to collect either an antique Enfield or an antique Snider rifle (here)...It is not an absolutely definitive list but it is a good start if you are no sure what you are doing!

At present this is a 'not for profit' site and I have no affiliation with any of the recommended web sites other than being a  member of the MLAGB.

My thanks must go to the many, many people for helping put this site together. From the members of The British Militaria Forums (Adrian, Bill, Vincent...the list goes on) who have proved just how far the Enfield rifles and Sniders have traveled around the planet, through to my shooting friends at the MLAGB who regularly shoot at Wedgnock in Warwickshire, UK.

Finally, to my wife for putting up with me while I have put this site together, for the rifles scattered around the house and for the hours spent on the range honing and tuning my skills!

Happy shooting and collecting, Jon

Click on the graphic above for a short report from this summers 25th World Championships. Team GB achieved 2nd place out of 25 countries.