EML Ltd - A shameless plug for my own company!

Classic Firearms- John Clark deals in top quality rare, deactivated and antique firearms.

Muzzle Loading Association of Great Britain - I would say a must if you are interested in collecting and shooting.

Fultons of Bisley - One of my favorite shops for buying rifles and muskets

M J Noble - A great selection of antique arms at good prices

International Military Antiques -The guys who rescued half a million rifles and muskets from Nepal

Fine Sporting Collectables ltd - A good source of quality, 'honest' antique arms and associated paraphernalia

Charcoal Burners - This site aims to provide some basic guidance for the UK based newcomer to black powder on Muzzle Loading pistol shooting in the UK

Muzzle Loading Experiments - This web page is devoted to black-powder and muzzle loading experiments and topics related to the physics of black powder shooting

Ulrich Bretscher's Black Powder Page - An interesting web site looking at a number of different aspects of muzzle loading

Arms Collectors - A US based website with an interesting article by William Edwards entitles The Gunsmiths of Darra...Essentially this looks at 'locally manufactured' arms in Pakistan / Afghanistan. The article is old (1962) but quite interesting

Reeds Target Shooting Club - A well laid out website with some useful information on prone and off hand shooting position and stance.

J H Stewart Opticians - A specialist shooting optician who has a shop in Bristol (UK) but frequently works at Bisley (UK). A really nice guy who knows his stuff!

Roger Fenton's photos taken in the Crimea during 1855.

Below are some funshooting games to play

Rightious Kill

Pistol Practice